6 Unique & Attractive Designs of Luxury Rigid Boxes

June 6, 2022Blog

The rigid packaging is the ideal option for creating a luxurious appearance for your products. These papers-based boxes are constructed of hard material that provides the highest level of protection and durability. If you are looking to store cosmetics, perfumes and electronics jewelry, or other large object these boxes are the best options. Make them as unique as you want them. Print them upside down or opt for additional features like embossed logos, foil-stamped design, etc. The best part is the fact that premium rigid boxes come in different styles. Let’s take a look at a few of these wonderful choices:

  1. Luxury Rigid Boxes with Inserts

Inserts are a tried and tested method to protect your product in the most secure way. They also ensure that the customer can see everything that is in the right place as the consumer is opening the box. A luxurious touch to your brand’s display inserts in the most effective method. It’s also possible to print on the insert to draw attention to them. Also, embossing, or embossing your logo onto the inserts adds a appearance of branding. These high-end rigid boxes can help you display your items more professionally in retail stores to allow customers to be able to see the product as well as the material used to brand it. For inserts they are placed in a rigid box style with lid and base is utilized. It assists in accommodating your inserts to make them appear more attractive.

  1. Magnetic Closures

Magnetic closures make sure that your items remain sealed inside the box throughout the transition. If they are designed with creativity the design can be a great way to add an additional layer of security. The design incorporates an opening system that has an elongated thread and a button. It is attractive and useful to use. This is why clients are not just drawn to the design but also to the idea of unboxing. This kind of magnetic closure could do things than simply opening into the box.

  1. Different Geometric Shapes

If we consider custom rigid boxes the first thought that comes to thoughts is a rectangular or square box. Companies typically employ these types of shapes. But, if you want to make a striking and unique design for your brand, it is best to experiment with different geometric shapes. This type of packaging can help create a distinctive style for your company in difficult competitors. There are many options for packaging, including the round, rigid box and hexagonal tube or pyramid, as well as stackable options. It is possible to design them using foam or cardboard inserts in order to showcase your items with more style. The paper packaging is more flexible as compared to other products, and you can transform the shapes into a variety of designs.

  • The round-shaped luxury packaging comprises of one piece on the top and another on the bottom. The top of the box is adjustable according to the product specifications. This design is quite conventional. It can be used to packaging candles, gifts candy, wedding favors and more.
  • A strong box design with a hexagonal shape is becoming trendy in recent times. It’s used for packaging various everyday items, which includes luxury items such as perfumes, cosmetics jewelry pieces, watches etc.
  • If you are required to package several products within the same box choose the stackable, rigid packaging. It permits you to separate various products with two stackable trays. You can decide if you’d like to add an magnetic lid or flip-top lid, or a different opening style. The solid and sturdy design makes it ideal for transport.
  1. Die-Cuts or Windows

Transparency isn’t a brand concept that is new. But the method you present it can bring an element of creativity to your display. A window or die-cut design in one of your custom rigid boxes gives buyers with a peek see inside the product. It is possible to embellish these windows with ribbons, or present our brand colors. Through the use from transparency you are able to create different displays with the identical product. Your products will be more visible on the shelves of stores and at counters in retail stores.

  1. One-Piece Luxury Rigid Boxes

One-piece packaging is typically made using high-quality chipboard. It can be found in a rectangle, square and oval shapes. A single rigid box can accommodate a variety of kinds of products within custom groves. The top packaging manufacturers have designed them so as to shield fragile objects from any damage. The design is simple and provides a striking design. Personalizing these boxes will elevate your product’s packaging to a completely different level. You can decorate these boxes with foil prints embossing, debossing matte or glossy lamination, and many more possibilities.

  1. A Design that Highlights Sustainability

The growing concern about the impact of our environment is extending to high-end packaging producers. This is why green and recyclable materials are increasing in importance of our time. We have gathered the materials used for the design of rigid packaging made from natural resources. It’s ideal to give your business an edge over the competition. If your company is focused on sustainability, you should be sure to reflect this through the packaging design. Print the boxes in a minimal manner. Utilize natural colors to create a feeling of class and appeal. You can also include an image for recycling packaging or create your logo to show your environmental mindedness. These exciting options will attract thousands of potential customers to your business.


You can create a stunning appearance for your premium rigid boxes with these stunning designs. This is the best method of transforming your ideas into a concrete packaging solution that you can choose from. You need to custom create these packaging solutions. They show off your products elegantly, increase the protection level and become the center of attention for all. They’ll never leave over your budget. So, you will be able to benefit from the benefits of high-end packaging for a fraction of the price.