CBD Packaging

CBD is the new industry standard. For CBD brands to stand out, their CBD packaging must be unique and remarkable--just like our quality range of custom packaging solutions. The most successful brands are those that can create appealing and useful packaging without compromising on quality. All types of boxes that give you the opportunity to present your products in an appealing manner and keep them safe in any circumstance come under this category, such as kraft paper, cardboard and bux board cartons.

Types of CBD Product Packaging

Package Perfection offers a variety of products, including boxes for CBD oil and concentrates, Vape, pre-rolls, or hemp. Package Perfection offers unbeatable Custom Printed Boxes for each product type with a number of options for customization.

  • Cannabis Packaging
  • CBD Boxes
  • CBD OIL Packaging
  • Concentrate Packaging
  • E-Cigarette Boxes
  • E-Liquid Boxes
  • Edible Packaging
  • Essential Oil Boxes
  • Hemp Boxes
  • Pre Roll Packaging
  • Vape Packaging

We have an endless range of packaging solutions for our clients. Our experts can help you create eye-catching, unique products for an unforgettable experience.

Diverse Design and Customization Choice

Boxes with particular designs and customizable features always help brands to attract customers, giving them an opportunity to maximize their income. We know this, which is why we always offer our clients exceptional service when it comes to customizing packaging solutions that suit the needs of their products. We have state-of-the-art tools and technologies in our deck of card design team, customized boxes are designed using customer input to incorporate desired features such as perforations, window cut outs, gloss or matte lamination and all the branding embellishments you want according to your product's packaging needs.

Out Of the Box Printing Ideas

Packaging your CBD products has never been easier with our full range of printing services. We know what it takes to create packaging that not only looks appealing, but also gets your customers their product quickly and easily. With state-of-the-art printing tools and technologies, we also have experience in laying out all sorts of complicated print jobs. For example, digital, offset and screen printing are just a few of the process methods that make sure our clients get quality packaging along with optimal branding opportunities at competitive pricing. Whether you want custom graphics or colorful labels for your customization purposes, we're equipped to handle it efficiently so you don't spend hours getting results.

Compliance with FDA Standards

A company, Packaging Perfection, specializes in getting clients out of ordinary packaging solutions and helping them stay compliant. The FDA regulates all medications in the US. Packaging Perfection special makes child-resistant features in their packages for companies like their CBD clients. Our Custom Boxes are always made to comply with international standards and can fascinate customers for our client brands and retailers.

Go Green, Entice More

CBD packaging is launching a new trend in many industries. Customers are sensitive to how businesses treat the environment and CBD products are no exception, as they look for eco-friendly options in their purchases. Packages like kraft paper and cardboard, made from recyclable materials, fulfil this need. An eco-friendly status among society will increase your clientele exponentially when you offer green solutions for all your products.

Why Package Perfection?

Package Perfection is the leading packaging supplier in many sectors of America, and helps hundreds of brands across different industries and sectors. CBD packaging is also a significant part of our offerings. Our elevated standards allow us to compete with other companies, bring extraordinary value for our clients, and safeguard exceptional quality for your product. For example, these following services are the finest examples:

Fastest Turnaround

With us, you can make wholesale CBD shipping orders up to 12 business days before their shipment to approve the design. For more quick deliveries, it is four to six business days with minor additional service charges.

Free Shipping

We offer free shipping to USA customers with no minimum orders, but our rates are lower than most services. Other products can be shipped from us in an expedited manner for a lower cost to those purchasing across the world.

Free Design Support

You can also take advantage of our free design support if you do not have the skills or time to design needed packaging solutions. Our expert designers will be making you available with unbeatable design ideas, and you will not be charged a penny for it. There are a lot of other such facilities as well that you can utilize. So, what are you waiting for? Ask for a quote and get the best deals with us.