Metalized Boxes

Add Elegance to Your Products With Metalized Packaging Boxes

Metalized packaging boxes are a great way to add grace to the packaging of your products. They are also highly cost effective and lightweight. In addition to their elegance, these boxes are also friendly to all printing processes, making them a perfect choice for the average company. Whether you are selling jewelry, electronics, or household goods, these boxes will add value to your products.

Elegant Design

Package Perfection offer bespoke metalized packaging boxes, allowing you to design the interior and exterior of your boxes however you like. They also offer a wide range of printing, manufacturing, and finishing options. You can even get gold or silver foiling on your printed branding elements.

Metalized boxes are an elegant way to pack products, and they are an excellent choice for businesses that want to add a touch of luxury to their packaging. They are affordable, durable, and lightweight. Additionally, they are compatible with all forms of printing, including standard quality printing.

Multiple sizes

Metalized packaging boxes can make a dramatic impact on the look of a product. Customers will often judge the superiority of a product based on its packaging. Package Perfection offers custom metalized packaging boxes in a range of shapes, sizes, and finishes. In addition to their attractive look, they are also durable, allowing them to reduce the cost of shipping.

Metalized packaging come in two main types: silver foil packaging and gold foil packaging. These boxes can be used to package almost any product. They are particularly effective for packing expensive, luxurious, or delicate items.

Affordable Cost

Metalized packaging boxes are used to give packages an elegant and stylish look. This type of packaging can be customized to fit any item. It gives the items a striking look and 3D look. Moreover, the cost of such boxes are affordable, compared to other types of packaging. This type of packaging is also suitable for mail order businesses.

Metalized boxes are available in several designs, sizes, and shapes, and are perfect for packaging retail products or gift items. Customization can be done on the outside and inside of the box. You can choose the shape, material, style, and embellishment. Package Perfection also provides free 3D samples.

Laser Foil

Laser Foil Metalized Packaging Boxes have all the benefits of regular boxes but come with an added advantage of enhancing the look of your product. The boxes are customizable and can be designed to contain any item. Besides adding luxury to your product, these boxes are lightweight and durable. These boxes are also friendly to all printing methods.

These boxes are available in different colors, from gold to silver. They can be used for a variety of products, ranging from confectionaries to cosmetics. They are a great way to attract customers and sell your products.

Laser Foil Box

Metalized foil packaging is a high-end option for packaging products. Available in gold and silver, these boxes fit any product, from cosmetics to shoes, and can even be re-used. It's also 100% recyclable, ensuring that it doesn't contribute to the problem of plastic waste in our environment.

The lasers are usually CO2 lasers. This type of laser produces high power per watt at a low price, enabling a wide range of applications. This technology is especially suitable for processing thin polyester or plastic films. Its wavelengths are 9-11 microns, allowing it to cut through many materials efficiently.

Custom Metalized Packaging Boxes

Custom Metalized packaging boxes can be used for a variety of applications. For example, you can have full-color artwork printed on them. Custom packaging boxes are available in any quantity you need. Package Perfection is a company that specializes in bespoke design and manufacturing of custom metalized boxes.

Custom metalized packaging boxes are a great choice for retail packaging. They provide striking visuals, 3D looks, and a luxurious appeal. Custom metalized boxes are highly customizable, which means that you can order as few as 100 boxes or as many as you want!